Since its launch, the site has gotten a lot of media coverage. Maybe we can chalk this up to post-election excitement. When I visited the site, I tried searching for hot conservative singles in my area. It called up a long list of nearby users. Amazing, I thought, that even here in progressive Oakland, California, there were thousands of young and horny Trump supporters looking for action. Many of the users on TrumpSingles appear to be fake. I was presented with the same pool of users. Reverse-image searching the profile photos led to their original sources, people with different names and no apparent interest in riding the Trump train.


Get Me Out Of Here! The brother of singer Conor Maynard has faced allegations of racism and homophobia in recent days after old tweets emerged online. In a statement his publicist confirmed he would be leaving the ITV show after just over two days in order to be given the chance to defend himself against allegations. Kezia Dugdale backtracks on charity pledge ahead of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ They said Maynard agreed with the decision which was “made by his representatives and ITV”.

He was also alleged to have mocked people with facial deformities.

If you still haven’t found a foundation with a seamless color match, the good news is that you will soon have a new collection to try. NYX Cosmetics unveiled that it’s launching the Can’t.

She’s loud and sassy, dancing and laughing as she welcomes her fans to a live broadcast of another make-up tutorial, sponsored by a local brand. Welcome back, it’s me Fai doing make-up with my feet — check out my dress, isn’t it beautiful? She has no arms and shows off her bare rounded shoulders by wearing just a crop top. Over the next hour, Fai demonstrates how she uses the sponsor’s products — doing everything with her toes. She puts on green contact lenses, attaches fake eyelashes, brushes on foundation, and carefully applies lipstick and eyeliner.

But make-up was not allowed at her special school for disabled children. Fai describes the school as a safe and convenient place, which her “mafia gang” of naughty friends did their best to turn upside down. She had to overcome the idea in Thai culture that the feet are the lowest part of the body. Fai scrolls and taps a smartphone with all the ease of someone using their hands, and she started using Facebook to broadcast her make-up tutorials.

She battled against the traditional views of beauty in her culture. The beauty blogger has no time for haters. But ask me if I care — no I don’t care! She lives with the constant risk that her curved spine will push into her one lung and damage it.

How many of you would watch a stripper vlogger

The YouTube star was rocked by headlines that he had posted racist and homophobic slurs before he joined the show – and even more damaging revelations then emerged. Here’s what sparked Jack’s shock exit As the pair made the announcement, a spokesperson for the YouTube star released a statement confirming the year-old was leaving the jungle.

Many Nigerian-born beauty vloggers are not just vocal about their nationality but their tribes as well. This is because Nigeria has over three hundred distinct groups. The “tribe” defines who we are down to the language, culture, customs, and sometimes food.

LyricalKris So you’re standing in line for coffee, minding your own business, when a sexy cop with nerdy tattoos walks into your life. Soon, you have yourself a sexy, nerdy cop boyfriend who rocks your world. Cops can’t be seen on social media, did you know that? That was going to be a challenge considering she made her living as a vlogger who documented her so-called nerdy life. The response to this was amazing.

I’m a little nervous. Fluff isn’t my forte!

Sissy Sushi Platter Femdom Party!

While there are tons of great vloggers out there, these are our top 10 premed and medical school vlogging channels for summer ! Honorable mention goes to Imperfectly Me. As she puts it, she is mentoring via sharing her incredible journey into medicine.

YouTube has cut some business ties with Logan Paul, the hugely popular vlogger who posted a video showing the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan. Paul’s channels were removed from YouTube.

Speaking to Business Insider at Lisbon’s Web Summit, Deyes said he’s building a new company to strike collaborations with early stage companies with “cool” ideas. Deyes said he isn’t necessarily interested in investing lots of money into startups, but wants to partner with projects which will play well with his millions of followers. A Portuguese security guard explains to baffled guests trying to enter the conference: He has more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube, 5 million followers on Twitter, and gets 16 million views on average for his Snapchat Stories.

He is a superstar in his own right for his video blogs, or vlogs, about his day-to-day life. Deyes doesn’t disclose his earnings, but makes money from advertising against his YouTube videos, brand partnerships, merchandise, rent from his properties, and sales of his books. Now he wants to harness his young audience, and everything he’s learnt from making popular videos on YouTube, to help launch startups. Business Insider was given 10 minutes to catch up with Deyes at Web Summit in Lisbon, where he was meeting with startups that pitch him through the conference app, or in-person at the busy investor lounge.

Deyes said he’s in the process of building up a team for an as-yet unnamed new company, through which he’ll strike partnerships with other early stage ventures. A spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm a name for the new company, but said it would be open for business in the new year.

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Jack, 23, was born November 23, , and is a YouTuber from Brighton. He is famous for his self-titled channel where he posts vlogs, challenges, and occasional comedy skit videos for his 1. Before his web career, he worked as a personal trainer. As the pair made the announcement, a spokesperson for the YouTube star released a statement confirming the year-old was leaving the jungle.

Agents of SHIELD’s Chloe Bennet confirms she’s dating controversial YouTube star Logan Paul “He’s changed my life for the better and I’ve done the same for him.

What Camera Does Cutiepiemarzia Use? July 6, Who thought Youtube could bring two people together? Marzia Bisognin aka Cutiepiemarzia is a living example of this. She found him hilarious, and after making contact, they started dating. Only a year later, she started off her own Youtube channel named Cutiepiemarzia. Focusing on jewelry, food, fashion and DIY makeup, she soon had a loyal fan base.

Since her explosive growth on Youtube, she has started off her own clothing line and proceeded on a path of media-oriented success. This has been great for content creators as they now have access to affordable well performing point and shoot cameras. The compact size and sturdy build allows complete portability, while the flip-up touchscreen acts as the icing on the cake.

Furthermore, a wonderful autofocus system steals the show, well-integrated with the touchscreen.

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A Ferrari or private jet travel, perhaps? The cheekily handsome 23 year-old is one of the original and most successful YouTube vloggers — not to mention one of the wealthiest. Not bad given that his career began accidentally, while he was messing about with the family camcorder in his bedroom. There was no path to follow or goal to achieve.

Armless beauty vlogger a social media hit in Thailand Fai was born with one shortened leg and no arms but she’s making a name for herself in the competitive online beauty industry and hopes her.

Tuesday 2 January At one point the group comes across a dead body hanging from a tree, and react with surprise and shock. They note that his hands were turning purple, and Paul says multiple times that he had never come across a similar sight. At one point he laughs in disbelief at the situation. Is Logan Paul finished, or will he become the world’s biggest star? The video, which he posted onto his popular Youtube channel, drew wide-ranging criticism online from followers as well as other video bloggers, who claimed that he was making light of suicide in the video, and using a tragedy to promote his channel.

And for that, from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry.