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This word was first used by Homer to describe automatic door opening, [2] or automatic movement of wheeled tripods. Ancient[ edit ] The book About automata by Hero of Alexandria edition There are many examples of automata in Greek mythology: Hephaestus created automata for his workshop; [4] Talos was an artificial man of bronze; Daedalus used quicksilver to install voice in his moving statues; King Alkinous of the Phaiakians employed gold and silver watchdogs. Numerous water powered automata were built by Ktesibios , a Greek inventor and the first head of the Great Library of Alexandria , for example he “used water to sound a whistle and make a model owl move. He had invented the world’s first “cuckoo” clock”. Complex mechanical devices are known to have existed in Hellenistic Greece , though the only surviving example is the Antikythera mechanism , the earliest known analog computer.

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I join patriotic Americans throughout the world in honoring our Nation’s veterans, past and present. It is because of our veteran’s dedication and heroism that our country remains free. Today’s military, serving on multiple fronts, are more heavily taxed than ever before and they never fail to meet their mission. America is truly blessed to have the best and brightest young men and women in the history of our military. As a Nation we owe them our full support, be it in the voting booth, care packages and letters, or a simple “thank you”.

As a career Navy veteran I’m keenly aware of the sacrifices our servicemembers make every day.

Finding Discontinued Pattens by Simplicity. Category Product Finder. 0. Share. Pin. Save. Follow. More. Email. Flag. It can be a challenge to locate a sewing pattern that is no longer being produced. Question: Vintage Simplicity Patterns. December 17, 0 found this helpful.

Joinery is an all embracing term which refers to the lighter, finer and more ornamental timberwork of a house. Doors, windows, staircases, architraves, skirtings, archways and turnery are considered joinery, whereas heavier timberwork such as bearers, floors, walls and roof framing are carpenter’s work. Furniture and built in cupboards are cabinet maker’s work. There are a few design considerations that you need to take into account when renovating a traditional worker’s cottage that can have a major bearing on the resale value of the venture and its costs.

The original cottages were kit houses that used standard components. Generally all the windows were the same size and so were the doors.

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Sorry FreedomLover, but I have tested myself, and checked with a friend who is an expert. Yea, I know I took it pretty hard myself This guy actually has chunks of oud lying around in his house, and more than one kind. If it had real oud, it would leave an oily base on your skin that would stay for quite a awhile. I have a nice stash of vintage M7. I will part with mls, but only in trade for, Chanel Egoiste Cologne Concentrate.

She immediately responded with several tempting images of the big four pattern companies dating from the ‘s – ‘s. She shared that they were priced from $1 -$ Her address is a short minute drive from my house and I decided I would go by.

He then spent a number of years cutting patterns for knock-off and sportswear companies. Later, he embarked on his own label. Owens is Artistic Director for Revillon, the French fur brand founded in The design concept of the brand is a combination of American Rock Style and the military element , followed by the American ideology and culture, emphasising on the subtle design details.

During a placement at Balmain, Roberta learnt to have fun with design, turning her until-then minimal aesthetic on its head. Adopting traditional couture techniques realised in a vibrant and modern way, Roberta found her signature maximalist embellishments and illustrative, tonal embroideries. Recent years, Marco Zanini became the current leading design director for the brand.

Since he joined Rochas, he modernizes the brand with its unique style of design but at the same time without losing the elegant identity of Rochas. ROQUE Roque is a contemporary daywear project, with a strong reference to street style, to freedom to transform, mix and interpret. A relaxed luxury with the character and strength of immediacy. An avant-garde style, easy-going at the same time.

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Graphic tees are my favorite things to wear as the weather starts to warm up. But there are some rules now that you got some adult responsibilities. Graphics — The junk food of your wardrobe Whenever I start working with a client, the first thing I do is pare down the amount of graphics, patterns, and colors in their closets.

Simplicity Goes Vintage After the release of the last Simplicity pattern catalog back in August, I had a feeling that there would be few, if any, vintage reproductions this time around. Boy, was I wrong! Dating Vintage Patterns- The Patent Misconception 16 hours ago My happy sewing place.

I hope you all can handle the rambling of a busy yet excited lady! We recently moved, and although our new home is wonderful, the unpacking is taking forever! But I have worked hard to get my craft room ready for the party, and here it is! You can find all the party list at her blog here. I have also started a You Tube channel where you can find many of my projects. Please visit me here. And for the video tour of my craft room click here.

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Sun-kissed Anneli There’s always that mad rush to dress after a day at the beach and inevitably there’s a stop off for a quick bite to eat on the way home. This Named pattern Anneli double front dress is perfect for a quick dinner on the way home. Ok so I don’t wear 4inch heels at the beach but doesn’t this double front dress look fab in heels? This knit print has a great all-over print that works so well under the Australian sun.

It’s one of the Art Gallery fabrics sold by Minerva Crafts. The name is Swifting floral boho stretch jersey.

Jun 02,  · I have developed a serious crush on vintage patterns over the last couple of years or so and though I don’t admit to the addiction – I pretend it’s still manageable.- I have a weakness for anything dating before and including the : A Few Threads Loose.

Overview Reference Overview of vintage embroidery transfers Vintage embroidery transfers have regained popularity today, thanks in no small part to advances in technology that allow designs to be programmed and machine-stitched with beautiful results. Improved fabric paints, dyes and markers allow these great old designs to be used by even the needle-challenged. And, of course, those who enjoy the satisfaction and quality of hand-stitching still use them the “old-fashioned” way. Embroidery transfers have been available from many, many different companies for well over a hundred years.

So whether you’re looking for breathtakingly intricate motifs for heirloom embroidery, authentic designs for period costumes, particular motifs to complement a collecting interest, or a comical design to enliven your kitchen towels, there’s a huge assortment of vintage designs waiting to be rediscovered. This overview addresses a major roadblock for the vintage embroidery transfer enthusiast — the lack of organized material about vintage transfers. Old catalogs are scarce or non-existent , companies have gone out of business — histories and product lines have to be pieced together from scraps of information scattered across web pages and collections.

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This engine has spark ignition. The “bones” depicted below is a Cleveland Playboy Jr. Will post a completed picture when it is finished and has sucessfully flown – the legend is that photos taken of a model prior to flight cast a jinx. Model had a successful first flight, so here’s a photo.

This dress is probably familiar to vintage pattern enthusiasts. The short sleeved version is the Sew Chic “Tia Dress” pattern. If I remember correctly, the red and yellow print version is the original sample; the three-quarter sleeve is an addition to the pattern which I really like.

Palm Springs and Mid-Century Modernism Mid-century modern room As early as the s, the Coachella Valley, and particularly Palm Springs, became known for the dry clear climate and mild warm winters which were so helpful to those recuperating from serious respiratory conditions. Wealthy people from all over the country, wishing to escape the winter snows and cold, soon began to value the area for relaxation and fun and as a place to enjoy the stark beauty and contrast of the scenic wonders the desert offered.

Soon the area became a get-away playground for the Hollywood elite and the stars created their own burgeoning movie colony here in the desert. The stars could stroll down the main streets and enjoy themselves in the restaurants and watering holes in relative comfort confident in being fairly anonymous. Because these homes were not the primary residences of the occupants, the owners felt that they had more freedom to take architectural risks in the designs.

The uniqueness of the desert landscape and environment and the luminous, rich, clear and strong light required an architecture that was sophisticated and understated — one that would blend with the spectacular austereness and palette of the desert. The desert was a blank canvas to the architect, open to creative and innovative approaches in new lines, angles, and textures that worked with the environment.

It inspired artists to work with, blending and contrasting, the natural materials in abundance around them.

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As the stove warmed the kitchen, the aromas of freshly baking bread, simmering stew and roasting meat filled the room. Throughout the years cook stoves changed in design and style. However, there was one thing that remained constant during that time.

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The lack of batting and being light weight creates a summer quilt. It can also be used as an additional cover to your cooler season blankets. The wonderful array of colors will fit with many decor. The variety of shades of blue will make any lover of that color very happy. A blue woven plaid binding edges the quilt. In addition, this quilt can be hung in either direction depending on whether you want to bring height or width to the room.

This is hand pieced, hand quilted and now professional hand washed by Betsey. The family name is available upon sale. In this picture we see the star configuration. If you turn this quilt in the other direction, it becomes tumbling blocks.

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