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But what’s even more depressing is all the Indian men rushing to answer the question. These are the people we live amongst. I could only find ONE answer from an Indian woman the first one , the other top voted ones are all Indian men going, “Boo hoo, women have so many rights now and they’re taking it all out on us. Let me begin by saying that I am “very easy to date”. I socialize, interact with people, have loads of male friends, make the first move and have dated many guys. And I have broken up with guys and guys have broken up with me too. I move on and am honest about everything I do and feel.

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Let’s secure our Spring REST API using OAuth2 this time, a simple guide showing what is required to secure a REST API using Spring use-case fits well with Resource-owner Password Grant flow of OAUth2 specification. We will use two different clients [Postman and a Spring RestTemplate based java application] to access our OAuth2 protected REST resources.

He levied Jazia on the Hindus and placed restrictions on marriages, so that beautiful Hindu virgin girls could be given to Muslims. The Jat Sarv Khap meeting was held in protest against these Firmans. The king sent Malik Kafur with 25, men, to deal with them. This revolt of the Jats continued till the death of Aurangzeb and, ultimately, the Jats succeeded in establishing their independent kingdom with its capital in Bharatpur. Some of the Syr Darya tribes; they also invaded North India.

Havell writes based on physical features and the language that Ethnographic investigations show that the Indo Aryan type described in Hindu epic a tall fair complexioned long headed race with narrow prominent noses broad shoulders long arms thin waists like a lion and legs like a deer is how as it was in the earliest most confined to Kashmir the Punjab and Rajputana and represented by the Khattris, Jats and Rajputs. A separate Harit Pradesh would likely become a prosperous smaller state similar to Haryana and Punjab.

Quanungo, who states emphatically that the Jats are of Aryan stock Hindus that came from Rajasthan into Punjab”. One prominent example is Modi’s right hand man, Amit Shah accompanied by Muzzafarnagar riot accused on the dias proclaiming at a speech to Jats in UP: The Bharatpur district administration has imposed prohibitory orders in Bharatpur district in the light of the Jat reservation agitation that began on Sunday.

Quota agitation by Jats of Bharatpur and Dholpur districts that was to begin from July 2 was called off after the community representatives reached an agreement over their demands with the state government here on Friday. It is perhaps to this state of affairs that the Deva Samhita refers when it records that ” nobody has published the truth about the origin and activities of the Jat race.

Haryana minister Anil Vij made it clear that talks cannot be held with a “mob” and said Jats should form a committee to hold parleys with the state government.

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/ Tours For Solo Travellers And Singles With us, travelling solo is far from travelling alone Travelling by yourself can sometimes be a daunting prospect, particularly in countries where English is not commonly spoken or understood, or in places with a high culture shock factor.

Hitting it sober, from Indian depths to global ground. Some quotes … and anecdotes. British mathematician, logician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead: Lin Yutang, Chinese scholar and author: The jewel was tested and found to be glass, but intriguingly it is older than the earliest Egyptian civilization. Geologists traced its origins to unexplained chunks of glass found scattered in the sand in a remote region of the Sahara Desert.

But the glass is itself a scientific enigma. Pieces of Libyan Desert Glass weighing as much as 16 pounds are found in an oval area measuring approximately by 53 kilometers. The clear-to-yellowish-green pieces are concentrated in sand-free corridors between north-south dune ridges. How did it get to be there; and, who or what made it?

An Austrian astrochemist Christian Koeberl established that the glass had been formed at a temperature so hot that there could be only one known natural cause: The same type of glass is found in India. There is no logical explanation for the vitrification of stone forts and cities, except from an atomic blast. These skeletons are among the most radioactive ever found, on par with those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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The city lies near a narrow gorge, and is surrounded on three sides by hills of the Aravalli Range. A substantial wall with four gateways encircles the city. It is served by Bundi railway station on Kota-Chittorgarh rail line.

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The report recognised the fact that in India, women were oppressed under a system of structural hierarchies and injustices. During this period, Indian feminists were influenced by the Western debates being conducted about violence against women. However, due to the difference in the historical and social culture of India, the debate in favour of Indian women had to be conducted creatively and certain Western ideas had to be rejected. For example, the idea of women as “powerful” is accommodated into patriarchal culture through religion, [10] which has retained visibility in all sections of society.

This has provided women with traditional “cultural spaces. Survival of the individual is dependent upon cooperation , and self-denial for the greater good is valued. Examples of patriarchal attributes include: It should however be noted that several communities in India, such as the Nairs of Kerala, Shettys of Mangalore, certain Maratha clans, and Bengali families exhibit matriarchal tendencies.

Sikh culture is also regarded as relatively gender-neutral. Their women power is visible because of historical reasons.

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A huge number of candidates who are looking for the jobs applied and appeared for the exam across various examination centers. Candidates can check the official key from the direct link provided below. It has jurisdiction over all colleges in the districts of Banswara, Dungarpur and Pratapgarh. It conducts various examinations for the recruitment of eligible candidates in different departments.

This year it has conducted the BSTC exam and the candidates who had appeared for the exam can check the answer key from the official website.

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AI for the Future of Commerce: Challenges and Opportunities Abstract: Visa’s unique position as the world’s largest payment network enables us to serve billions of consumers and tens of millions of merchants on a daily basis. These massive high-quality financial data provide valuable insights on how people conduct commerce around the world, and AI technology has the potential to unlock the hidden value in these data and drive innovations in the payments industry.

In this talk, I will give an overview of the research opportunities and challenges for data analytics and machine learning in the context of payments data, and share our point of view on how AI can reshape the Future of Payments by delivering unique capabilities in scenarios such as fraud detection, authentication, and recommendation systems. In her role, she founded and now leads Visa Research, an organization that conducts applied research on the most challenging problems in Payments and provides technical thought leadership for the future of the industry.

Visa Research is focusing on three research areas:

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As per Official OAuth2 Specification: Big players like Google, Facebook and others are already using their own OAuth2 implementations for quite some time. Enterprises too are moving fast towards OAuth2 adoption. I found OAuth2 specification rather simple to follow. Yet if you want to start even quickly, an excellent article on OAuth2 fundamentals can be found here which gives a deep insight in OAUth2 theoretical concepts.

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Each dot is 25 people: According to the State of California, Employment Development Department, , residents are a part of the civilian labor force. The population density was 11, The racial makeup of Santa Ana was , Hispanic or Latino of any race were , persons The census reported that , people There were 73, households, out of which 41, There were 4, 6. The average household size was 4. There were 59, families The age distribution of the population was as follows: The median age was

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Nonetheless Vedas remain the most meticulously preserved texts available today. The unique methods devised from very inception of Vedas have ensured that Vedas are available even today in same original form. Many scholars have called this the greatest wonder of human civilization. Someone like Abdullah Tariq, the mentor of Zakir Naik and celebrated Islamic scholar, also vociferously asserts that Vedas are the first divine texts.

Even Zakir Naik does not refute it, even though he does not state it so clearly owing to his Wahabi foundation. This very act of his proves that he regards Vedas as authoritative first divine texts.

By road: Delhi is well connected by bus to cities like Jaipur, Agra, Alwar, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Shimla, Manali, Dharamsala, Dehradun, and even Kathmandu. Commuters can get buses from Interstate Bus Terminals at Kashmiri Gate, Anand Vihar, & Sarai Kale Khan, .

Page 1 of 2 Tinder is like Grinder for straight people, and our writer gave it a whirl. I joined Tinder last month at the insistence of my friends. For guys who love looking at pictures of girls in bikinis and frivolously casting a split-second judgment on them guys like me, I mean , it came pretty close to being the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well, for a week or so anyway. Tinder is essentially a more relationship-centered, less meet-up-and-have-sex version of Grindr.

On Tinder, both men and women flip through Facebook pictures of the opposite or same sex, and gawk and gush before selecting a few pretty faces from the yearning masses. You can then go out for vintage Sauvignon Blanc, stroll along the East River and tell your friends how impressed you were when she started spouting off the principles of French Impressionism, but who really wants any of that? Most guys I know are content looking at the cleavage shots, and in the case of a match, asking the girl if she wants to meet up and grab a beer.

I expected the world from Tinder when I first started. It did, however, take me a few minutes to get used to the fact that I was, for better or worse, dating online.

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