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Prior to purchasing any king of GPS auto tracker, it’s a wise idea to think about where to place a tracking device. While some GPS tracking devices can be placed anywhere inside or outside of a vehicle , this is not always the case. Hard wired GPS tracking systems are frequently harder to install than systems that are not hard wired. Generally, hard wired systems are purchased for fleet tracking purposes. Since these systems perform various functions, most hard wired GPS trackers must be connected internally. Speaking with the manufacturer of a hard wired system is the best way to determine the proper connectivity. Alternately, hiring a professional to install a hard wired system may be a smart choice. Most GPS tracking retailers will be able to provide you with a list of professional installers in your area. GPS tracking systems that are not hard wired are simple to install.

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Some of the changes upgrading from v. The moving map can now be panned. Added a “Manage Trip Log” function. Favorites waypoints can now be seen with zooms farther out than ft. More fields are added to the Trip Computer. Corrected position of the traffic alert button on main map.

Connect the GPS antenna to the interface module by screwing the SMA connector on the antenna cable (see illustration below) to the connector on the side of the module. The GPS antenna can be placed inside or outside of the vehicle as long as it has a clear view of the sky.

Best Scooter of the Year Winner: Vespa GTS Super ABS By John Burns Three-hundred cubic centimeters or so is a very good size for a scooter; fast enough to get you anywhere while keeping you out of trouble, small enough to fit into tight spaces and ensure you keep a real motorcycle in the stable as well so as not to have your man or woman! And while they were upgrading, they gave the Vespa a new multimedia platform to connect a smartphone to the bike so you can track torque output, lean angle, and where you left the GTS parked.

The seat was restyled, new instruments now use wheel-speed sensors instead of a cable. Many styling details have been updated, and a new, more powerful ECU runs everything. A short wheelbase, the least weight pounds claimed, with fuel and the sportiest ride helped out. And not just crusty motorcycle people, either. All they want is a simple, reliable, economical and affordable scooter. Oh, and it should be freeway-legal, too.

Oh, and one last thing: You ride a scooter.


Instructions for a Garmin Friction Mount by David Lipscomb Although most Garmin GPS units come equipped with a conventional suction cup-style windshield mount, you may opt for a friction dash mount. Some cities restrict the use of windshield mounts to certain locations on the glass, which may not work well for you. Garmin friction mounts fold flat, letting you hide the GPS unit in certain high-risk areas while providing a secure environment for your navigation device. A friction dash mount makes moving the navigation device from car to car faster and easier, useful when renting or in a multi-car household.

No Cell Connection Needed: Nokia HERE Off-Line Motorcycle GPS. Our article entitled “Using a Tablet as a Motorcycle GPS” has been very popular with webBikeWorld readers. It details how you can use a smartphone or a relatively inexpensive tablet as a widescreen GPS device on your motorcycle, saving hundreds of dollars off the cost of a dedicated Garmin or TomTom GPS.

A simple ear pad attachment is designed for easy installation in your favorite helmet. Adding this as a stand alone motorcycle helmet music system without the mic is a great option for most bikers that prefer the half helmet style. The only reason you got a bike in the first place is to pick up women, so why spend time yelling at the top of your voice when you can use the Nolan N-Com Bluetooth. The Nolan Bluetooth capabilities enable you to hear her joy mile after mile, take a call, or listen to your favorite songs.

Here is a look at the top 5 bluetooth motorcycle helmet kits for those of you that cannot part with your own lid for a new one. Love the DIY projects? Seriously, this worse case scenario can and most often than not, does happen to cross-country motorcycle riders. And guess who gets to bear the brunt?

Not the guy in four wheels, but the hogs on two. In these situations, one can only wish they had a full-face helmet, or any helmet for that matter. In this article, we are going to be talking about only the best of the bluetooth motorcycle helmets and their accessories, for jamming through those rain storms and on to more sunny roads.

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The Garmin eMap Deluxe ushers in a new, thinner and lighter physical form to the Garmin lineup. It also introduces the use of the same removable data cartridges as the StreetPilot series. Without a data card installed, the eMap has a built-in map of the United States highways and major routes and low-resolution map of the world border outlines and major cities.

I have had this unit since May and have used it in car and RV. The Garmin display is certainly bright and clear under any con dition. I have problems with the curve ahead feature showing up almost constantly and sometimes requiring shutdown and restart to get rid of lockup.

August 4, 13 Best Scooter of the Year Winner: This job was fun until it got hard. What does it think it is, Rossi? In one stylish, affordable, easy-to-ride package, the Like represents the up-and-coming Taiwanese scooter manufacturers. There are a few contenders in the middleweight scooter arena, but the Piaggio BV is the best one for a few reasons. Despite its soft, scooter-y styling, the BV is much more like a motorcycle than a scooter. But the motor is what really sets it apart, delivering a claimed Claimed weight is dry, which makes the BV pretty peppy for a vehicle that can also carry a gallon jug of Carlo Rossi under the seat.

The broad seat is comfy for a passenger and supportive enough for an all-day ride.

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I have a Cross Country Tour, so the connector under my seat is already in use by the stock heated seat. My solution is much more complex, but also useful for other purposes. I bought a power terminal and a ground terminal from Electrical Connections online. The power terminal is wired to the battery. A relay is positioned behind the chin spoiler.

Apr 28,  · You can hook it up to either coil, the only issue is whether yours is a single-fire or dual-fire bike, that is, do both coils fire on every revolution, or only one? Firing only one per revolution is usually only on fuel-injected bikes, because the control system already knows which cycle the cylinder is .

Photos by the author. Data about speed, routes, calls, camera and music appear on a high-resolution, semi-transparent display that helps you keep your eyes on the road and your mind on the ride. You manage the device with an app on your smart phone or tablet. Both Android and iPhone versions work intuitively, walking you through the pairing process and showing you everything connected to your system.

You can set a user profile, view and organize rides and photos, customize settings everything from audible speed warnings to your choice of a digital or analog time-of-day clock and more. I slightly lower my eyes—not my head—to look at the display. The LCOS liquid crystal on silicon HUD is crisp and vivid, and because it is semi-transparent you also can see whatever is in the background.

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These gauges are standard on automobiles, but not featured on all models of motorcycle. You could install an after-market gauge with ordinary automotive tools, thus avoiding a trip to your mechanic. Examine the “dashboard” area of your bike and decide where you want to mount the gauge. Some tachometers are made to simply clamp onto the handlebars, while others can be housed within the risers. Remove the headlight assembly, unplug the bulb, and lay them aside.

To do this, remove it from your car, truck, or motorcycle and make sure the device is powered on. Using a mini USB cable, hook the GPS to your laptop and wait while the progress bar scrolls.

For every part of our body, there is specific protective clothing to wear. Right now, we will discuss what protective clothing will protect our feet and also improve our driving skills to help us deal with shifting gears on our bike. When choosing motorcycle boots, you have to ask yourself what us the main purpose of the boots.

Will it be used strictly for riding or do you need a pair of boots that is multi-functional, which can be used for riding, working, and walking? First determining what purpose your boots shall serve you so that you will get the best boots of choice. Your choice of the best motorcycle boots should have a shifter pad and must have a great grasp on your heels and ankles.

Why do you need Motorcycle Boots? Boots are protective gear to protect your feet from getting injuries caused by any unexpected incidents or damages from flying objects like rocks. Also,they provide comfort when dealing with any weather conditions. Moreover, they provide flexibility for the ease of movement of our feet, good grip on your bike, and improve driving skills by offering ease of gear shifting. And to top it off, they have unique styles and fashionable designs that will make you look more impressive even though they are designed for safety purposes.

Choose boots that are flexible, give you a great fit, are comfortable, give you protection, are made of high-quality materials and are safety certified. I have listed below the industry rated best motorcycle boots that will suit your needs and I have also included honest reviews about it.


What kind of amp is it? Depending on analog or solid state an audio amp usually draws quite a bit of power. The amps that I’ve wired up usually have 2 batt inputs. The other circuit is usually called the remote or turn on circuit.

Can you hook up a car battery to a motorcycle/quad? December 1st, , AM. Edit:Got bored and did it, solenoid and or starter are clicking like mad. Praying wire brushes can fix this. Woulda Coulda mod maybe change the name to something like “clicking starter/seloniod trouble” or something Under that premise i’d like to pose the question.

Is this the end of motorcycle GPS? TopoCharger is a lightweight iPhone protective case that includes a mAh lithium polymer battery that doubles battery life, but more importantly includes topographical maps. Cory Lowe from Backbone Media which represents Trimble Outdoors says they hope to make the TopoCharger available in other countries over time, especially if the North American launch is successful. There is also a built-in app, Trimble Outdoors Navigator, that allows you to save routes, set waypoints and even take photos to go with your routes.

The other advantage is that if you get off your bike and want to go bushwalking as if! I always take my phone with me everywhere I go, I use it to take photos, listen to music, check the weather, update my FB status, check emails … oh, and make and receive calls!

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Check Prices Scala has recently introduced their new product line: This new line has even better intercom quality and better ranges. One of these new motorcycle intercoms is the Scala Rider Freecom 4, which is a revolutionary motorcycle Bluetooth communication technology that you and your gang should definitely try out.

Dec 04,  · if it were me i would find a wire behind the ignition switch that is hot in run (using my volt meter or test light) then hook into that wire to run the amp. if i thought the amp used too many amps for that circut i would just use that wire for a relay then run the amp through the relay to the battery.

How big do they grow? What do you use for bait and what kind of tackle does it take to catch one. The big redfish are only common if you know how to get them! They are around here all year long, the best time is winter here, but, I still get them year round!! Some of the boat fishermen get the smaller ones in bays and small lakes in the marsh. I get the big ones past the second sandbar off the beach, you need a ft surf rod with a 6 oz Spider sinker for the sandy bottom, the spider sinker digs in the sand like an anchor to keep the bait from rolling down the beach and across other lines!

You can also use pyramid sinkers, storm sinkers, sputniks, etc.

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