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Long term care insurance is expensive and only getting more and more costly.LTCi policies have limits on daily and total coverage and very likely the most expensive places are well beyond those limits. Correct. You decide what daily benefit you want when you buy the plan.Every year it seems another company drops long-term care insurance from its portfolio of products.Companies from MetLife to Genworth have either reduced b — August.Also I forgot to say also that, we have no kids to leave and inheritance to, which makes a big difference in planning for medicaid spend down provisions.

Whether you need long term care insurance is a tough call

Or do you stick it out with the original one, only to find that they become even less stable.Amid Consensus 2017 conference and the issues that were negotiated there, BTC has shown a super growth.

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Oh, are these the funds set up by states to protect policyholders in case their underwriter goes under.Remember that you may NOT be able to purchase 10 years later.LTCi has gotten to the point where even many agents will say they dont or wont sell as much as they used to bc it doesnt make as much sense.

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I Googled and found this: which seems to be quoted by other articles.

Now if one had a time machine and could go back and purchase a limited pay policy with unlimited benefits (when they were under priced) and could know the company would be good for it, then it would have been a good investment.The product, even though expensive, was probably underpriced in the past and some insurance companies are making big increases in premiums to existing customers, big like 40%, and others are exiting the business. 3) Opinions on Medicaid and its future.Medical and financial health determine whether long-term care. to those seeking to cut the cost of their LTC coverage, is to buy.In other words, this is something I can control to a decent extent.I recently discussed long term care insurance with a friend in the insurance business.

My investment plans would have been slightly more conservative but I would probably be in about the same position I am in today.Buying Long-Term Care Insurance Can Be a Bad Gamble This article was written by Timothy L.The ABCs of Long-Term Care Insurance Buying a policy now can help you fend off potentially devastating costs in the future.Bitcoin Mining May Be Worth It For You, but There Are Quite a Few Things To Consider First.

I can spend this money each year as long as I think my LTCi is viable.As I said earlier, when I purchased my LTCi I was on the cusp of having a cash flow that would provide infinite LTC.

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world and that can be efficiently mined with consumer-grade hardware.They use that as an excuse for them NOT to take action TODAY.I have insurance because I will be able to afford GOOD care when I am in an assisted living facility.Yeah, I tried that and frankly I lost more sleep (figuratively, not literally) over potential rate hikes down the road.

As insurers continually deny claims, consumers are wondering whether they made the right decision to.Maybe that was enough time for you to implement a cash flow plan that could provide you the need.There is no pool of money and the state does not provide any funding.

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I have said over and over again that as you enter your late 40's to 50's you should look into buying long-term care insurance.

Once again, both the fundamental strength of the project and the news have played their role.Long-term care insurance is often touted as a way for aging boomers to protect their assets and to not be a burden to their family if a time comes when.Long-Term Care Insurance Suitability Worksheet Long-term care insurance helps provide. and then talk to a trusted financial advisor to determine if you should buy.

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But when it comes to long-term-care insurance, relatively few sign up. Is it worth buying.Honobob wrote: HardKnocker wrote: Die young and save yourself the hassle.I think the lack of publicity about the existence and nature of guaranty associations is clearly beneficial to insurers and detrimental to policyholders.

Given rising costs, is long-term care insurance worth it

Likely a combination of both is the best and most responsible approach.