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The new home for Wu’s Feetlinks Interviews as of I haven’t met a cock I couldn’t completely cover with just one foot For those of you who do not know this tall, 6’1″ vixen, you soon will. Lux goes into tremendous detail on all different aspects of foot fetishism, as well as many of her other favorite kinks here in the January interview. Lux is truly a sexual being and one who would tame and drain all those who come, but not necessarily cum, before her. Yeah, she’s totally fine with getting herself off and leaving you smitten with her feet, with your cock in hand, or balls smashed under her big feet – with your cum build up leaving your balls the darkest of blue. When it came time for me to do a mini-relaunch of the Wu’s Feet Links Interviews Blog , after a down year in , Lux was there for me and eager to take part. Her honesty, intrigue, and even bratty ways made me realize just how perfect she would be to kick things off.

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Mar 15,  · Best Answer: I like women’s feet, esp long toes and I also love the sole of of a female foot. Put some long feet up on a table where I can see the soles and toes and I think it is sexy. I cant get into bad smells or dirty feet though. I would imagine it might make some people uncomfortable to Status: Resolved.

Last Name How to get rid of smelly feet? Smelly feet or, to give it its more technical name, bromhidrosis, is a problem that anyone can experience and it can be really embarrassing problem too. It is caused when sweat from your feet, has nowhere to escape and bacteria start to feed on the sweat and multiply in the dark, damp conditions inside your shoes. As we move on into the summer and flat shoes with no socks will come back, the problem of smelly feet will only get worse.

So, to save your friends and family turning a shade of green every time you take your shoes off, read these ten great tips on how to stop your feet smelling. Wash your feet thoroughly every day The first step to stopping your feet smelling is to wash them thoroughly, twice a day, and to use an antibacterial soap. Never wear the same pair of shoes two days running Wearing the same pair of shoes, day in and day out, will mean that your shoes do not get a chance to dry out properly and the sweat and the bacteria will build up inside them.

Take off your shoes as soon as you get home too, and this will give them, and your feet, more time to breathe. Exfoliate your feet regularly If you get a build-up of dead, dry skin on your feet, then this will just add to your foot odour problem. How to get rid of smelly feet? Buy real leather or cotton shoes instead, because natural materials will allow your feet to breathe.

Chinese man insists on divorcing his wife because ‘her feet are too smelly’ Online

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Sep 05,  · Best Answer: Before i met my girlfriend who has stinky sweaty toe-jammy feet i had great luck on dating sites. I’d just talk to girls normally and afrter they got comfortable with me and liked me for who i am, then i dropped the fact that i love stinky sweaty girls : Resolved.

I have finally written about a sexual fantasy of mine that I have had for quite a while on the very beautiful and sexy Natalie Portman. I think Natalie Portman is a goddess and she is the hottest girl ever. This is a fantasy of mine about her in a fictional story where I am dating Natalie Portman, where I get to act out all my fantasies and fetishes with her. The story does include pedophile content so I must say up front that I do not approve the practice of involving real children for sexual purposes, it is only fantasy in written form and should never be practiced in real life.

I must also say up front that this story does not in anyway reflect the sexual orientation or practices of Ms. It is just fantasy for the sake of entertainment. I encourage feedback so if you like my story or share any of my fantasies please writes me at patentleather1 yahoo. We started dating a few months ago and she is madly in love with me. I must say that years before we started dating I have had a major crush on Ms. Portman, and have fantasized about many romantic occasions with her, and also sexual ones where when I masturbate I would have the most intense orgasms with my thoughts on making love to her.

Natalie Portman and I met at the premier of Star Wars Episode 2 in May of , and I still remember the first time I saw her in person, and the sexy cloths she was wearing. She was the one who broke the ice with me for I was to dumbfound to even talk to her, like a boy in junior high with a crush on a girl. She took notice to the fact that I was a big sci-fi fan, and since she was never a fan or knows anything about sci-fi she wanted to get to know me more to see what the world was like for a die hard sci-fi fan like myself.

After the premiere we went out to get a coffee and we really hit it off.

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For some people it occurs all year long, for others just with certain shows, and for some lucky few, never. If you deal with the struggle of flats and stinky feet, rest assured that many feel your pain. Want to know the secrets?

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Go to the grocery store. Maybe when men are whining about their harpy wives they are secretly getting a hard-on. Maybe they are submissives in disguise. Every week, Leslie gives Stan an allowance. If he has extra money, he gives that to her and she then decides how much he gets back. She may brush Stan with her foot. And yes, that makes him happy. I remember that very specifically and getting a hard on as she talked about it.

After that, I remember seeking out other girls in my neighborhood and creating situations in which I could lick their feet, the soles, specifically. And yes, he attended an Arkansas university. While sweet-talking other boys on the phone, Stan would kneel at her feet and massage them.

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Blair Naso was destined to be a god of the Manosphere, but instead he gave up his swan song and died. However, you can still read his blog’s archives and buy his poetry books. Here at Return of Kings we realize that we have a lot of female readers. On rare occasions, we offer them our world-class advice, considering that the masculine and the feminine are innately linked together.

You cannot raise or lower one without doing the same to the other. Therefore, it is in our best interest for you ladies to be the best you that you can be.

Apr 15,  · If you deal with the struggle of flats and stinky feet, rest assured that many feel your pain. But the Reddit community came together with some seriously helpful tips on how to stop your feet from smelling, no matter what kind of shoes you’re wearing.

They keep on stumbling around without a plan, until they find a little house with a lighted window. Marty and Mark think they have finally arrived at their destination. While they are knocking on the door, they immediately start shrinking. They hope to get help from the mysterious giantess, so they try to get her attention. First the giantess lady seems to be friendly to her tiny visitors and brings them to other shrunken guests, she keeps in a drawer for the moment, but it turns out very quickly, that she is an evil giantess witch and has some cruel intentions relating her tiny guests.

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It’s not a super long one but still thought I would share. So I was dating this girl Emily my senior year of high school. She was around 5 foot 6, had brown straight hair and a light complexion. Almost everyday from about October to February she would wear brown moccasins to school without socks. I started dating her in the middle of September so I had not noticed the trend so much yet before we started dating.

I knew about a couple of weeks into October that her moccasins must stink since she wore them so much but I didnt want to ask her so soon after asking her out. So one day around the end of November after school we went out and this was the day I was gonna try to get a whiff. So we drove around and got something to eat and then relaxed for a while in my car.

It’s been a long day” I asked “Sure I cant say no to that haha” She responded So she put her feet up on my lap and I took off one of her moccasins and started to massage her foot “You wear these all the time, you must really like them” I commented “Yeah I love these, they are so comfortable” “They must smell haha, you wear them so much! If they smell now you dont have to keep going” “No no its okay” After about 2 minutes of massaging her one foot I went to the other and took her moccasin off and quickly put it to my nose “Whew, yeah they stink haha” I said even more nervously “I told you!

I’ve had them for like 2 years and wear them alot. Wearing them barefoot definitely does not help” she said with a giggle “I wonder if you’re feet stink too” I said without even thinking “Well smell them if you want” laughing while she said it So I put my nose to her feet and started smelling for about 10 or 20 seconds. Sorry you have to date a girl with stinky feet” she said jokingly “No no its okay, trust me” From there I just massaged her feet for about another 5 minutes and the session was over, I didnt want to push it to much cause I didnt want her to get weirded out.

I didnt get to smell her feet for a long period of time until around March, but when she would come over to my house I would smell her shoes when she went to the bathroom or something.

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Apr 26,  · Originally Posted by dessertlover The feet belong to my boyfriend. He works in construction and they often get smelly because he works hard and sweats Stinky Feet (sex, mature, dump, reason) – Relationships –Dating, marriage, boyfriends, girlfriends, men, women, friends, attraction.

Last Name 10 Natural tips on how to cure smelly feet Known to the medical profession as bromhidrosis, and to the rest of us as stinky feet, foot odour can be embarrassing for you and unpleasant for those around you. When you put on your shoes and socks, however, those bacteria find themselves in the perfect dark, damp place to multiply like crazy and it is the activity of the bacteria that causes the smell.

Wear a different pair of shoes every day Our first tip is simple: In fact, the best thing to do, if you do suffer with particularly bad smelly feet, is to wash your feet twice a day with and antibacterial soap or baking soda. There are plenty of over-the-counter anti-bacterial soaps that you can buy that will do the job. Sprinkle baking soda in your shoes at night When you put your shoes away at night, give the insides of your shoes a light dusting of baking soda.

Baking soda is a natural deodoriser that will kill the bacteria that cause smelly feet. If you do this every time you take your shoes off, and you wash your feet regularly with an anti-bacterial soap, the problem will soon disappear. Put trainers and sneakers in the freezer Sneakers and trainers are the worst culprits for causing smelly feet. Not only do they hold the moisture in, you also normally wear them when you sweat the most, so they might need more drastic action to kill off the bacteria.

Put your trainers into a sealable plastic bag and leave them in the freezer for a couple of days and that will kill all the bacteria stone dead. Essential oils Essential oils have strong antibacterial properties and they also smell great too.

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Foot domination Stockings Worship Stockings worship might sound simple and you can think that you saw it all because of fo the nature of this foot domination method. But real foot fetishists know that this is not true and that every new scene has something special within it. Take a look at the amateur stocking feet sucking and licking photos below and enjoy just like Mistress is doing while forcing a sub to suck her stinky toes.

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English Sindy makes her stalker lick her dirty feet while she abuses his balls! Sindy was walking home from cheerleader practice late at night, and she came home with very dirty, sweaty and smelly feet. A man was following her and stalking her while she was walking home, and he came into her house to smell her shoes. She heard some sniffing sounds behind her couch, and she discovered the deranged pervert, licking her smelly shoes!

So, she commanded him to sit beneath her so that he could lick her sweaty, smelly, dirty feet clean. The pathetic foot-slave enjoyed the femdom foot domination, but he didn’t realize that it was going to escalate to some hardcore ball-kicking! After humiliating him with her feet, she decided to give him some brutal ballbusting abuse with lots of powerful barefoot kicks! Sindy kicked him in the balls several times until he was on the ground, and she began to trample him by standing on top of him and putting her bare feet in his mouth!

Next, Sindy decided to pleasure herself by smothering his face and forcing him to lick her wet pussy. She rubbed her clit all over his tongue until she had an orgasm, and she continued abusing his hard cock and balls by biting them and squeezing them between her sharp teeth! The naked stalker squealed like a pig while she sat on his face and bit his genitals, but she eventually released all of her aggression on his cock and balls, and she decided to let him cum by giving him an awesome interracial handjob!

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