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Side view of a Sundance travel trailer Isuzu ELF 6th gen, standard-cab-type auto-sleeper style recreational vehicle R Pilote recreational vehicle Articulation point The point where two vehicles are coupled together to allow movement, usually by a ball or fifth wheel hitch. Awning On most newer RVs, the manufacturer includes a roll-out awning. The awning can be either manually operated or it can be operated electrically. Another type of awning used by RVers is a portable pop-up canopy or tent that provides a temporary solution to people who want to be outdoors and enjoy shade. The frame usually incorporates an accordion style truss which folds up compactly. Some of these awnings have side curtains that can keep out wind and bugs. Bull-nose front end Commonly seen on class A motorhomes where the angle of the front of the vehicle leans forward. Battery disconnect A solenoid which is wired first in the volt system that, when activated, opens or closes and turns volt power on or off to that system. Found mostly on motorhomes which will incorporate two disconnect systems:

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Campervan hire from London – self-drive or tour itinerary From a base near Heathrow, explore the UK or Europe by campervan Rollerteam Campervan Campervan vehicles Rollerteam – Sleeps up to 6 With the top of the range Rollerteam you will always have all your home comforts close at hand. The has a full kitchen with 4 ring gas cooker, full oven, additional equipment including electric kettle and toaster. There is a large double bed above the front cab, a king size or twin beds at the rear and a further double bed in the dining forward dining area.


Stand out from the crowd with this beautiful British camper. Very reluctant sale due to an expanding family. Recently stripped and repainted in classic green, sealed under body, repaired passenger and driver doors. Large solid sided pop top MORE.. Safety glass all round, anti-burst locks, sealed beam headlights with combined sidelights, separate direction indicators, foot operated windscreen washer, safety styled door handles and window winders, ashtray in fascia, face level ventilation system.

Fly screen and blinds. K Reg very good runner. My wife and I have had her for 18 months and we have been camping all over the UK. She has performed faultlessly.

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We offer one way or return transfers from selected airports and train stations. Bedding kit Our bedding kits for hire are singles and doubles. When you rent a bedding kit, each kit includes a duvet, pillow, bedding and towel per person. Outdoor table for al fresco dining, eating, drinking and playing card games. Plus, many of the campsites in our camping guides have GPS coordinates!

Watching television in your caravan. The way we watch television has changed dramatically in recent years: from the types of screen that we use to the way the signal gets to the screen – and these changes are equally applicable to television viewing in a caravan.

Nick Trend I have been comparing ferry fares out of the UK for many years, and I still hesitate to make definitive statements about what is happening to prices. However, broadly speaking, if you can avoid the peak times of Fridays and weekends in high season, you can still take your car across the Channel for less than you would have paid a few years ago. If you are canny, there is good value to be had. At a glance Fares explained The short crossings The crossings to Calais and Dunkirk remain the cheapest ways to get to the Continent for most British motorists living in south-east England.

Since Calais links directly into the motorway network, you can also get to all the other French north coast ports except Roscoff more quickly by using this route. The driving time from Calais to St Malo, for example, is about five hours, but the Portsmouth to St Malo ferry takes eight. Allow 90 minutes for the short crossing and you will get there an hour quicker via Calais.

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Fortunately, with the coming of standardisation within the European Union, voltage supply problems are fewer than before. In general modern UK appliances will work in Europe even where a V supply is the norm. The available power from continental hook-up points will often be less than the UK and a supply as little as 5A or 6A is common. Even though the blue plug and hook-up sockets we use in the UK are to a European standard, many continental sites still have old style two-pin hook-ups or a mixture of modern and old types.

Campervan life might mean swapping crazy nightlife and bar hopping for quieter evenings in campsites, but we grew to love our time with the campervan, where we’d open up a bottle of wine after a long drive, cook a meal together and chat sitting in the camping chairs while the last of .

Helpful Route 66 Road Trip Planning Websites Basic Information about Route 66 This first section covers the basics of Route 66 including the history of the route, the length of the Route, the current status of the route, the starting and ending points, and the main things you can see and do along Route What is Route 66? Essentially, Route 66 is a historic highway in the United States that ran southwestwardly from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California, crossing 8 states and covering over 2, miles 3, km.

Route 66 has become a symbol of early roadside America, and tourists drive it today for its history, sites, and nostalgia. Note that most U. The history of Route 66 spans almost years, but here is a brief history. In , the U. Over the years, it would be traversed on foot by those participating in the Bunion Derby , driven in desperation by Dust Bowl migrants headed to California for a better life, hitchhiked by World War II soldiers, and used by thousands upon thousands of vacationing Americans in the s and s on their way to visit wonders like the Grand Canyon and Disneyland.

Along this busy road would spring up motels, diners, gas stations, car repair shops, and all sorts of tourist traps that would become part of a distinctive roadside culture that reached its height during the s and s. Interstates are designed to get people from Point A to Point B as quickly and efficiently as possible, which means bypassing towns when possible, having a minimum speed, and having minimal exit points. As interstates such as I were constructed that bypassed many of the small towns and cities that had grown up alongside Route 66, the small businesses along most of this route suffered considerably as they did all over the country.

In , Route 66 was officially decommissioned as a route and the route signage was removed.

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Don’t assume that if you are on a site or aire with blue sockets they will be correctly wired it seems to be very ramdom. You will come across French sockets on some sites and they are often wired in reverse as are the sockets in French houses this is because the French wiring system uses bipolar circuit breakers where the live and neutral is fused, so they don’t seem to bother. Buy a spare blue trailing plug and socket reverse wire it swop live and neutral wire in one of them and put a lable on to say reverse polarity.

Each T5 has 5 belted travelling seats (3 in the front and 2 in the rear), a fridge, gas cooker with 2 rings, a grill, utensils for 4 people, central heating for when the campervan is parked, a pup up roof for up-to 2 children or 1 adult and a rock and roll bed for up-to 2 adults in the main cabin area.

Free campsites in France Feb 16, , 5: The end of July and August are the busiest times of the year, almost all of the French population go on holiday from mid July until the end of August, and prices rise accordingly. But you will still find plenty of places to park your campervan and stay overnight. There are ‘Aires’ the length and breadth of France in almost every town and village.

An Aire is a designated place to park for Campervans and usually facilities for waste water and toilet disposal, fresh water and electric hook-up are provided on site. There are Aires on Motorways but they are not recommended for overnight stops as security can be a problem and Aires and Municipal Aires are a much better bet and easily found in whichever part of France you visit.

There are other places to stay such as ‘French Passion’ sites, free to stay but basic and you’re expected to buy local produce, and Campsites which will possibly be fully booked at that time of year and very expensive compared to Aires. Depending on where you pick the Campervan up from will determine how much of France you get to see as 7 days is not a great length of time to explore what France has to offer. As I mentioned earlier you need to speak with those who have travelled extensively throughout France to get a better idea of what to expect and those people are at MHFacts.

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If you cannot find the answer to your question below please email us directly with your camper van rental questions at contact origin-campervans. First of all, you can get a quote and a pre-booking via our website you will have to enter your credit card details. You can choose as well to pay by phone. In this case, one of our friendly staff will make the payment directly with you. This deposit is deducted from the balance which is due on the pick-up date.

One of the first jobs on the list when we bought Hercules was a swivel base for the passenger seat. T4 vans come with either a double passenger seat, so you can fit three people up front (would be handy actually, as we only have four seat-belted seats), or a single passenger captain seat.

You can book your RV rental vacation in Anchorage ahead of your arrival especially if you are coming in summer , and pick up the keys to your motorhome rental from operators maintaining offices less than 10 miles of the airport. You can compare and book online with Alaska Motorhome rental companies like Cruise America RV Rentals and Camper1 Alaska who have flexible return policies and comprehensive road assistance; to get the best price on Anchorage RV rentals.

Lost Lake in Chugach National Park Where Can You Go on an Alaskan Campervan Rental Alaska is notorious for its unforgiving winters; so you may want to consider coming in between the months of May through September, when temperatures are moderate, with the month of June the most pleasant as days are sunnier and daylight hours way longer an average of There is a plethora of summer activities; that you can engage in as you explore the Alaskan wilderness with Anchorage RV rentals.

The downtown area, about 15 minutes north of the airport, is a great first stop; since it is the historic core of Anchorage and the hub of all tourist activities. Cook Inlet is the arm of water that extends from the Gulf of Alaska to Anchorage; so you are in for whale-watching treat as the Beluga whale population is revitalized in designated protected areas around the urban center.

On the west coast of Anchorage lies Earthquake Park. This is where you can see what a major shaker can do, as what happened in this area in Ship Creek to the north offers rich fishing grounds and viewpoints for shorebird watching, and you can hit the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail on a bike from here until 11 miles down. Motorized and recreational vehicles are not allowed on the trail, but there are plenty of RV camps to the east where you can hook up for electricity, water and sewage while you hit the trails.

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